Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria/ Latest Edition feasibility studies proposal

Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria/ Latest Edition feasibility studies proposal

Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria- Note; This Business Plan is regularly updated and can also be used for Bank Loans ETC. Our Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria will enable you build your business well.

Have you always loved cooking or you want to be in the food business? then  i guess you are in right place because here is a detailed sample restaurant  business plan in Nigeria / teach you how to start and successfully run a restaurant business.

Base on research we have made we found out that the restaurant business is  one of the surest businesses in Nigeria, which is as a result of the fast  growth occurring in the food industry generally. Note that no matter how  attractive it may seen, a great amount of care and caution needs to be applied in starting a restaurant business, because as the saying goes “good  thing don’t come easy”. For you to be able to setup a very good and  attracting restaurant you need a restaurant business plan.

Executive Summary

Business Description

Products and services
Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan

Operational Plan
Management plan

Financial Plan and Projections

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After reading this article you can be sure of starting a restaurant business that of will give you a good run for you money.

Step by step guide to starting your restaurant business

Starting a restaurant- Sample business plan

1. Have the right mindset

The main thing about the restaurant business is that it is more of a service  business than product based business satisfying customers is your utmost  priority and ultimate task.

When you have a restaurant you will have a very challenging and demanding role because you are dealing with humans and dealing with humans is the  most challenging and demanding and this is a crucial part of the business,
so you have to be very prepared to take up this duty, In order to be able to succeed in this business you will have to put up with all sure of things  that would come your way because that comes with the job.

In order to be successful you have to get much information/ knowledge as possible about the food industry. Having the knowledge of the business you are going into is very important because knowledge is power. Note having
just knowledge is not just enough but the right usage can be of great help. Hence, to be successful in the business, you need to know everything about  what you are going into, so as not to be dealt with by surprises.

2 Make out a business plan for your restaurant business

For you to be able to succeed in restaurant business, you need a practical plan that you can consult from time to time. Because without a good plan your Restaurant business will not be successful.

For you to have investors who would be willing to invest handsomely in your restaurant you will have to present a plan, a logical, practical and realistic plan. However, you cannot create an excellent professional proposal without knowing the components of a restaurant business plan first.

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Place an order to get YOUR FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN. To place an order pay N10,000 to

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Account Name- Oliver Uwadia

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In order for your Business Plan to be convincing enough to it’x readers or investors, your professional experience has to be included, which is necessary because it goes a long way in determine whether you can be trusted in the business or not

Before you go into this kind of business you have to possess some kind of skills that is related to restaurant. Many would asked what kind of experience do you have in the food industry if you get an excellent background then you are a gold mine.

Your restaurant business plan also has to do with overall goal of the
restaurant, a description of your target and pincing. the last part is your advertising and marketing plan.

4. Start with the big three.

The big 3 includes, a great location, a great chef and a great concept.

For a restaurant to be able to be successful they must have the big three that was mentioned above . Accessibility is very important, because the more accessible your restaurant is, the more success you stand to achieve. Note you in term of concept, you have to select your food concept and your service style as they are what will make you different, make you unique and place your business in demand.

5. Select Primary Location

The main thing to include while making a restaurant business plan is the prospective location where you will build your business establishment. The location should be competition free and filled with people who usually visit
other areas just to eat. The best way you can get the right information you can use to find the an excellent spot for your business are restaurant review websites and local newspapers.

6. Alternative Prospect Location

It is always advice to individual who want to start restaurant business to always have more than one location. This will help in case you have problem with one of the location you can still have option to chose from.

However, you must not forget to include a photo and a brief description on every location you take account of in your proposal in addition, you must also take note of the things you believe that will contribute to the success of the restaurant you will build.

7. Draft The Restaurant Menu

This is also an important aspect while writing your business plan, of course you have to remember to write down the menu of your restaurant. It is recommended that you should create a menu that you can surely serve once you launch your business.

The menu should include the special dishes your chefs and kitchen personnel can provide to your potential consumer. Together with the specialty dishes, you must include some national or local dishes in your menu to attract
customers immediately.

Note: having the right menu for your restaurant can either make or man your restaurant. The menu of a restaurant should be in line with the overall concept of the restaurant. Once you are done create your restaurant menu,
revisit your restaurant business plan to make sure the menu is attractive to your business plan

When starting your Restaurant you should have a list of restaurants suppliers, when developing your restaurant business plan, a list of ingredients or food suppliers must be add. An individual who wants to start a restaurant business should compile the name and location of suppliers together with the prices of their suppliers, and discounts that they can offer. While also including the potential supplier of your restaurant’s furniture sets and equipment on the list.

8. Do your financial estimates and projections

Always include project of possible profit of your venture in your restaurant business plan. While complying your estimate, you must state the operation cost, anticipated income and overhead costs that your restaurant will have quarterly in the next four to five years. It is always advisable that you use line charts to display your data, this way is done by many and it’s said to be the easiest way for your audience to have a clear view of your projection.

9.Raise the needed capital for the Restaurant Business.

While complying your business plan or when writing your business plan, you will know how much you will be needing to start up your restaurant business. If you are planning how to setup your restaurant business and you  don’t know how much would be needed, it is advice able to you visit other restaurant owners and seek advice from there.

While seeking help from other restaurant owners talking to them can help you. Because it would give an idea on how you can project your expected startup cost. Restaurant owners raise capitals in so many ways to start up  their restaurant business. It can either by taking loans from banks or taking advantage of government programs that concerns small business owners and many more.

10. Employ people.

One of the major problems or challenges restaurant face is lack of qualified or experienced workers. When looking for work personal or employee, make sure to state clearly the exact character, qualities or skills you are looking for in an employee. Be sure of what you want don’t just make do of anyone that just shows up.

This will help you get experienced workers. When advertising specify the state and job description and responsibilities of the kind of employees that you want. Also, try to find out what other restaurant are paying their


You may ask, what are the best creative marketing ideas for a restaurant business? How do I promote my restaurant or fast food business? How do I find customers and increase my brand awareness? For your answers, read on.

Note; Don’t just rely on traditional technique intends of marketing tactics even though many traditional technique still stick true today, technology and trend varies can help you intends of marketing tactics. Things are changing you should adapt to it also. New strategies, like environmental and internet marketing are coming up as key components of any successful restaurant marketing campaign.

We listed top ten ideas or tips for marketing your restaurant business all you have to do is follow it all and I guess your business who be one of the best.

However, I want you to know that while preparing a marketing plan for your restaurant is important to the successful execution and of implementation of your marketing strategies.

1. Develop a website to promote your restaurant.

2. Get good press publicity

3. Host events

4. Re – design your restaurant menu Implement frequency marketing

5. Commit to going green

6. Try up – selling your customers Market your take-out and delivery services

7. Promote your restaurant through email.

8. Get testimonials from your loyal customers.

9. Start a Google Adword Campaign Promote your business on social media Network with other restaurateurs and customers.

10. Dress your employees in smart uniforms.

Also Involve your customers in a competition. You should have this in back
of your mind that because you are reading this post do not have effect in
your business. You have to implement what you read here and make big
difference and improve your service and your style.


Are you interested in starting and running a restaurant business? Or you  want to buy a restaurant franchise? Do you want to know the challenges of running a restaurant business? So as not to be hit with surprises. Then read on.

Been a owner of a restaurant business has it’s own ups and downs there are quite a number of challenges and obstacle that you have to overcome before your restaurant business can be among the best in the country. Those are
already own a restaurant business knows how hard it is to keep their business up and running smoothly. Owning a restaurant business requires a lot of commitment and self dedication.

As you are new into the foodie market, you have to be able to handle the challenges and obstacle and know what to do to avoid them or counter them. Without going about below are ten challenges of running a successful restaurant business.

Restaurant Business Plan – Starting A Restaurant Business Sample Template

Hiring good employees for your restaurant business.

The kind of employee you hire for your restaurant business is very important. For you to be able to manage your restaurant business successful is for you to hire capable and dedicated staff. You should employ skilled and experienced personal, especially in the area of cooks and services, because the kind of services people get from your restaurant determine if  they would come back or not or how the food teats.

When employing especially a server, you have to go for individuals that are not highly temperamental, you have to employ an individual who always smile, because first impression really matters. The appearance of a server
is very important because they send a massage to the customer. Now how do you know a person with good character? The answer is quite simple: put them to test.

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Retaining skilled staff.

The next challenge most business face is restraining skilled and experienced work personal. When you have skilled and experienced employee you have great asset, because skilled and experienced work personal are especially important to any business venture. When an employee works over time it grows in skill and job experience..

So when that particular employee leaves, the experience gained over the years is gone. Thereby, leaving a huge vacuum in your business. Some times is not their fault, because big industries are always in the habit of poaching experience staff from smaller companies.

For you to be able to keep you employee as a restaurant owner, you are expected to offer certain benefits to your staffs to keep them loyal to Time, such as health insurance and many more

Cost control

Cost control is one of the challenges that restaurant business owners face. When running a restaurant business, you need to maintain an eagle eye on your cost and finances because your expenses can be very high without you
not even knowing how it got that high, because prices of food stuffs change constantly. For you to be a good business person you must learn to control costs. This implies you have to be wise in spending with money and time.

To be able to achieve effective cost control, you as the business owner should examine every business related expenses and look for how you can save. First thing you do is avoid waste in the kitchen, the second thing is
avoid serving spoiled food or poor preparation of food and many more. All these things bring about unnecessary cost and reduced earnings. .

Lack of experienced employees in your restaurant.

Most employee in restaurant business are often young and inexperienced. When you hire a new worker, you as the employer has to put them though a two weeks training or one week, because the employee need to learn all  about the restaurant skills and they also need to adapt to a restaurant work environment in general. As the employer it is your duty to give sufficient time, energy and orientation to the employee to able them know what to do and how to do it for the growth of your restaurant business. our Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria will enable you build your build well.

Maintaining good customer service.

Good food alone can’t keep customers coming back to restaurant. It takes good food and excellent customer service to keep them coming back at all times. There is a saying ” The customer is always right” as a business  owner you will always believe that because you want them to keep coming back to your restaurant, how do you deal with your customers complaints and how you appreciate your customers matters a lot. If you want to have a regular in restaurant then you have to build a customer service that can handle bad or rude customers effectively.


The food industry has a lot of competitions, it is more of the survival for the fittest as there must be other restaurant that exist in the same location where your own restaurant is located. That why you should maintain strong, distinguishing morals and values that will separate your restaurant from every other restaurant within your area.

Maintaining a strong management team in your restaurant business.

For your restaurant business to grow you need a strong management team. Management is a very crucial ingredient in a restaurant’s success. When you always make changes in management that can lead to change in vision and leadership method and this can lead to disorientation of employees. Having a committed, experienced and passionate manager will go a long way to bring success to your restaurant. Get our Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria

Risk management in Restaurant Business

Good things don’t come easily and the same applies with restaurant business. While running a restaurant business you will have to deal with all sorts of potential hazards, starting from miner employee, training issues to major liabilities. In restaurant business little problem can be of disastrous financial repercussion. You can managed risk by incorporating safety procedures, as well as by securing your establishment with insurance against injuries, damages and accidents.

Constant menu change in Restaurant Business.

While running a restaurant business, you have to always be on board with constant menu change. As a restaurant owner, you have to take a periodical review of which items are selling very well and which are not and always update your menu with new, after all variety is the spice of life. This can pose quite a challenge especially when your business is still young and you lacks adequate manpower.

Marketing in Restaurant Business

The last but not the least challenge is marketing your restaurant business. Marketing is always a challenge to every business and not just the restaurant business alone. The way your business is marketed and the style and strategy employed will greatly determine the number of customers you will get and how popular your restaurant will be. Internet marketing is the most easier way of marketing. You can get a good web designer to design your business online.

But you have to understand that the best form of marketing for a restaurant business is word – of – mouth marketing. It is the cheapest and most effective form of marketing but you need to be creative, innovative and customer service oriented to be able to generate and maintain it. Get our Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria to help you build you business.


Executive Summary
Business Description
Products and services
Competitive Advantage
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Business Risk
Management and Structure
Financial Plan and Projections

pay N10,000 to

First Bank- Oliver uwadia

Account number- 3094182129

After payment text your name, your e-mail address and bank teller number or your transfer reference number to 08107015636 and A Copy of our Restaurant Business In Nigeria Feasibility/Business Plan and Manual will be send to your email immediately after your payment has been confirmed




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